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Each person has their own path in life, this is the same as fitness. Everyone has a different journey in how they want to approach health and fitness. BKS Fitness will help you Connect to YOUR Fitness with your priorities at the forefront.


Step One is to get set up with a 30 Minute one on one private consultation. You will sit down with one of our expert staff members to get clear on your goals, your training history, and how we can best help you achieve your personal Health and Fitness Goals.


Your next step is to attend the foundations classes that are geared to help you learn the movements and how to perform them safely and efficiently. these classes are held every sunday from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm in a group setting.


get started

The last step is pick a program that is best suited for you! this could be crossfit, personal design coaching, personal training, or yoga. To find out more information on what the differences are check out our programs page.


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